Dr. Laura Adams

With over 20 years of experience....

Dr. Adams utilizes her years of experience in psychoanalysis to work with her patients in a process that allows for a deeper understanding of of inner experience, bringing to awareness underlying feelings that can be processed and digested.

 This can bring the individual more in touch with their true self.  

Her clients benefit from Dr. Adams' dedication to continued education and involvement in the Orange County and Los Angeles Psychoanalytic communities. 


How the psychoanalytic approach is different.

"Using psychoanalytic psychotherapy, I counsel individuals, couples and families who want to address long term problems and patterns.   

It is through this kind of personal exploration and counseling that a deeper understanding can be attained and the sense of self can be strengthened.  A psychodynamic approach can go below the surface to address difficult emotional problems, improve personal relationships, and stop self-destructive patterns of behavior.  

So often, our pasts can interfere with our lives in the present and we find ourselves suffering through the same ongoing pain. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can bring about more permanent results whereas many other forms of treatment tend to provide only a temporary fix.   

The therapy and counseling experience takes place in the context of a consistent, supportive relationship that provides the starting place for this kind of depth work."

--Dr. Laura Adams

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Dr. Adams does not correspond with patients via email. Please call her private number to schedule an appointment. 

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26151 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA 92692, US